Swedish Massage

Best known for full body relaxation, Swedish consists of long flowing strokes. This modality helps relieve mental stress, promotes blood flow, helps reduce insomnia among multiple other benefits.


Deep Tissue Massage

While still relaxing, Deep tissue is a more focused style of massage. It is great for specific problems that require muscular release such as stiff neck, back pain, hip discomforts, migraines, ect.


Prenatal Massage

Designed for the expecting mother, this massage is performed on molded pillows that allow for laying on the tummy without any risk or discomfort. Receiving massage throughout pregnancy helps the body to adjust to the changes it has to endure. Not only that, massage throughout pregnancy helps the body prepare for labor, there for making it a better experience. (This modality is recommended no earlier than the second trimester)



Chair Massage For Special EventsĀ 

Book for parties or business events. Consists of 10-15 minute massage per person. Requires small space to set up a massage chair for the services to be performed.


60 minutes-$85

75 minutes-$100

90 minutes-$115

(add $30 for home visit)

Gift certificates available!Purchase gift card on!